DirectConnect to UCF

  • Guaranteed admission to UCF (consistent with university policy) with an earned Associate of Arts (AA) or articulated Associate of Science (AS) degree from one our partners
  • Shorter time to degree completion with personalized Success Coaching
  • Smooth pathway for engagement, advisement, admissions, orientation and registration
  • Access to UCF campuses, student services, activities and events
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  • Sign up for DirectConnect to UCF.
  • Work on and complete an Associate of Arts (AA) or articulated Associate of Science (AS) degree from one of UCF’s partner colleges.
DirectConnect to UCF guarantees admission to UCF (consistent with university policy) with an earned Associate of Arts (AA) or articulated Associate of Science (AS) degree from our college partner institutions, whereas the 2+2 program guarantees admission to one of Florida’s state universities, but not necessarily to the one of your choice.
UCF does admit lower division transfer students (students with less than 60 credits of college course work), but they do not have the guarantee of admission. Lower division transfer applicants must submit college transcripts, high school transcripts, and SAT/ACT scores.If you transfer to UCF without your AA degree, you will be required to complete the UCF General Education Program. The Undergraduate Admission Office has additional information for transfer students.
AS degree students can transfer to UCF if the AS degree is part of an articulated AS to BS program (Applied Science, Criminal Justice, Hospitality Management, or Nursing). The Undergraduate Catalog contains more information about statewide articulated AS to BS degrees.
Yes, but this is a special situation. A Dual Enrolled Student (earning a high school diploma AND an Associate’s degree concurrently from a DirectConnect to UCF partner college) will be considered for admission at UCF as First Time in College (FTIC) student, as defined by the SUS Board of Governor’s Regulation. A student who applies to UCF in this manner should adhere to the UCF FTIC application deadlines and admission requirements. In addition to submitting the application and fee, high school and college transcripts, the student must also submit SAT/ACT test scores. The DirectConnect to UCF guarantee still applies, but admission may not be for the requested term.
Yes! You are eligible to apply after earning 45 college credits. Eligible? Apply now!!

DirectConnect to UCF Success Coaches

Our Success Coaches are your point of contact for support, guidance and assistance throughout your UCF journey.

A Success Coach will meet with you shortly after you sign up for DirectConnect to UCF to assist you in confirming your career plans and in developing an academic plan for your success. The coach will schedule subsequent meetings at agreed upon intervals to support you throughout your journey at UCF. The Success Coach keeps you on track for state college graduation, completion on pre-requisites for your selected UCF major, and guiding you through the admissions, financial aid, orientation, and registration processes. Once you are UCF Knight, your coach will provide resources when they are needed and support you as you progress toward graduation at UCF.
  • Be ready to talk about yourself!!
  • Bring unofficial copies of all your transcripts
  • Know your career interest and be aware of your skills and abilities
  • Understand whether you are in an AA or AS degree program

Applying for Admission to UCF

You should submit an application to UCF once you have earned 45 credit hours at a DirectConnect to UCF partner institution. The 45 hours may include credits transferred to the DirectConnect partner from other colleges or universities. If you are Dual Enrolled (earning your high school diploma and Associates degree concurrently), adhere to the FTIC (not transfer) application deadlines and requirements.
  • Application deadlines:
    • Transfers:
      • Fall: No later than July 1
      • Spring: No later than November 1
      • Summer: No later than March 1
    • International:
      • Fall: No later than March 1
      • Spring: No later than September 1
      • Summer: No later than January 1
  • Online Undergraduate Admission application
  • Pay the admission application fee online
  • Official transcripts from each and every college or university attended
  • If applicable: Official test scores (CLEP, IB, AICE, etc.)
  • If not a US citizen: Documents related to status
  • High school transcripts (if two years of a foreign language was taken)
About ten days to two weeks once your admission file is complete, meaning that your application, fee and all necessary documents have been received.

Note: Transcripts for all institutions attended and other relevant documents must be received before Undergraduate Admissions will review your application for admission.
Your NID is your secure sign-on for many systems at UCF, including myUCF and online courses. To obtain your NID, go to, click “What is my NID?”, then follow the instructions to obtain your NID and create a password.

Your UCFID is the number you will use to identify yourself when you call or visit offices across campus, including Undergraduate Admissions. To obtain your UCFID, go to myUCF portal, click “Sign On”, log in using your NID and password, click Student Self Service > Personal Information > UCFID Info. This page will display your UCFID, your NID, and your UCFID Card number, once you have been issued one.
After logging in to myUCF:
  1. Click on the “Student Self Service” link on the left side menu.
  2. Scroll down to the sixth option and click on “Undergraduate Admissions”.
  3. The third sub-topic is titled “Application Status.”
This link will not only show your application status, but will also list required and received documents and detail your Florida Residency for tuition purposes. Visit the Self Service Website.
Your residency classification is based upon information from your application. Additional documentation of your Florida residency may be required and will be requested by mail from Undergraduate Admission. If you have already attended UCF as an undergraduate student and wish to reclassify your residency for tuition purposes, please visit the Registrar’s Office website for information on Residency Reclassification. Check your residency status by logging into the myUCF portal.

Admitted Students

Each new student accepted for admission must submit, prior to registration, a completed Immunization Form provided by UCF Health Services. All students, regardless of age, must complete and return the Immunization Form to be reviewed for compliance. This includes documented proof of immunity to Measles (Rubeola) and German Measles (Rubella), and either proof of immunization against Meningitis and Hepatitis B, or a signed waiver declining these two vaccines.
UCF Online students should complete the immunization form. No documentation is required
The completed immunization form and supporting documents may be uploaded to Student Health Services.
Orientation is your chance to get acquainted with UCF’s services, meet an advisor and register for classes. All students who are new to UCF are required to attend an orientation. Visit the Orientation Website for more information on dates and costs, orientation checklist, and to register for orientation.
If you are transferring with an A.A. degree from a Florida state college, UCF must have your final transcripts stating the A.A. degree has been awarded in order for you to receive the benefits guaranteed by the articulation agreement. Also, if you are currently completing a semester at another institution, you must request your transcript be sent to UCF after grades have been posted. If you receive financial aid, you must transfer your financial aid to UCF. Please see your campus financial aid representative for details.
Honor Your Knighthood assists new UCF students in developing an understanding of the importance UCF places on subject matters related to Academic Integrity, Alcohol Awareness, and Sexual Assault Prevention. Through the completion of three individual online modules, UCF students will begin to demonstrate tenets associated with the UCF Creed of Integrity, Scholarship, Community, Creativity, and Excellence. UCF is committed to student safety and success both inside and outside the classroom. Therefore, all incoming UCF students are required to complete these online modules prior to the first day of class. Admitted students will see the Honor Your Knighthood modules as requirements on their myUCF “To-Do List”. It can take up to 3 weeks for the requirement to be removed after successful completion of the modules. For questions, concerns, or more information, please send an email to
UCF requires all students to have a Knights email account. The Knights email account is the official way to communicate with students. Sign up by logging into your myUCF and follow the links!
You will register for classes at the end of orientation or during your pre-advising appointment. Advisors will assist you with registration or put recommended courses in your shopping cart. You will finalize your registration by submitting courses in the shopping cart at the time of your registration appointment.

Dual Enrolled Students

Financial Aid

Yes! If you are applying with an A.A. degree from one of our DirectConnect to UCF partners or a Florida public state college, you may be eligible to apply for a UCF Transfer Scholarship. To be considered, you must:

  • Submit a UCF Transfer Scholarship Application by the published deadline
  • Transfer to UCF with an A.A. degree from a Florida public community/state college during the fall semester
Qualified applicants can receive the UCF Transfer Scholarship only once. Dual enrollment students earning their AA and high school diploma at the same time do not qualify for this scholarship, but will automatically be considered for a UCF freshman scholarship based upon academic credentials.For more information visit

Other Common Questions

Yes, there are options for incoming transfer students on the Orlando main campus and at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. Visit Housing for more information.