2024 Transfer Student Success Partnership Conference

Bridging Curriculum and Transfer Readiness

March 8, 2024
Valencia College West Campus, Orlando, Florida
The Spring 2024 Transfer Student Success Partnership Conference is a complimentary event that brings together the College Access Summit and the Curriculum Alignment Conference for the first time. This collaboration offers academic leaders, faculty members, and academic advisors from UCF, DirectConnect to UCF® partner institutions, the Florida College System, the State University System (SUS), and Central Florida public school systems a unique platform to exchange best practices, participate in presentations, and support curriculum alignment efforts.

Bridging Curriculum and Transfer Readiness

With the goals of Curriculum Alignment, College Access, and Transfer Student Success in mind, the theme of this year’s conference – Bridging Curriculum and Transfer Readiness – takes advantage of classroom and coaching/advising expertise to ensure students are prepared for and successful after transferring. The conference will feature three concurrent presentation tracks, which are:

Initiatives for Seamless Academic Transition

Sessions in this track will focus on efforts, campaigns, initiatives or activities that increase a student’s opportunities for successful transition. Presentations can focus on those activities that result in increased retention, student course momentum, improved graduation or time-to-degree, aligned curriculum or pathways, completed pre-requisite requirements, improved social/academic integration.

Data Informed Transfer Success Strategies

Sessions in this track will focus on examples or best practices of how to use data to address transfer shock, inform curricular or pedagogical practices, or demonstrate how data inform and impact student success.

Advising, Coaching, and Pathways

Sessions in this track focus more on the impact of effective advising and coaching strategies. Presentations may include effective use of advising pathways, co-curricular supports, best practices and innovative approaches to advising and coaching.

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Featured Keynote

Tania Nguyen LaViolet, Ph.D.

Tania Nguyen LaViolet, Ph.D.

Tania LaViolet is a director at the College Excellence Program, where she oversees the program’s Research and Innovation team. Her portfolio includes the project teams for the American Talent Initiative, Tracking Transfer and Transfer Playbook research, state-based transfer engagement pilots, program evaluation, and the research agendas for major CEP initiatives like the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence and Unlocking Opportunity.

She is an author of several community college transfer research reports, including the 2024 companion Tracking Transfer reports, Community College, and Four-Year Institutional Effectiveness in Broadening Bachelor’s Degree Attainment. She is the lead author of The Talent Blind Spot: The Case for Increasing Community College Transfer to High Graduation Rate Institutions. Before joining Aspen, Tania led best-practice research at the Education Advisory Board, where she published work on timely degree completion and strategic allocation of financial aid to encourage the persistence of students from low-income backgrounds. Tania holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Oxford and graduated with a B.Sc. in biology from Mount Allison University.

Location Information

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If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at tsspconference@ucf.edu.