Frequently Asked Questions

DirectConnect To UCF

Am I eligible for DirectConnect to UCF if I am earning my high school diploma and associates degree at the same time?

Yes, but this is a special situation. A Dual Enrolled Student (earning a high school diploma AND an Associate’s degree concurrently from a DirectConnect to UCF partner college) will be considered for admission at UCF as First Time in College (FTIC) student, as defined by the SUS Board of Governor’s Regulation. A student who applies to UCF in this manner should adhere to the UCF FTIC application deadlines and admission requirements. In addition to submitting the application and fee, the student must also submit:

  • Completed Self-Provided Academic Record for Knights “SPARK” Form; students who have already completed high school must submit a current official high school or home-school transcript
  • Official SAT [code: 5233] or ACT [code: 0735] score
  • Official GED or TOEFL/IELTS score, if applicable
  • Application essay (strongly encouraged but not required)

FTIC application deadlines are May 1st for fall, November 1st for spring and March 1st for summer.

How do I qualify for DirectConnect to UCF?

  • Sign up for DirectConnect to UCF.
  • Work on and complete an Associate of Arts (AA) or articulated Associate of Science (AS) degree from one of UCF’s partner colleges.

How do I sign up for DirectConnect to UCF?

Signing up is easy! Fill out our quick form to begin your path to UCF today!

What are my DirectConnect to UCF options after I complete my AS Degree?

AS degree students can transfer to UCF if the AS degree is part of an articulated AS to BS program (Criminal Justice, Hospitality Management, or Nursing). The Undergraduate Catalog contains more information about statewide articulated AS to BS degrees.

What are the benefits of DirectConnect to UCF?

  • Guaranteed admission to UCF (consistent with university policy) with an earned Associate of Arts (AA) or articulated Associate of Science (AS) degree from one our partners
  • Shorter time to degree completion with personalized Success Coaching
  • Smooth pathway for engagement, advisement, admissions, orientation and registration
  • Access to UCF campuses, student services, activities and events

What if I want to transfer before I complete my AA Degree?

UCF does admit lower division transfer students (students with less than 60 credits of college course work), but they do not have the guarantee of admission. Lower division transfer applicants must submit college transcripts, high school transcripts, and SAT/ACT scores.If you transfer to UCF without your AA degree, you will be required to complete the UCF General Education Program. The Undergraduate Admissions Office has additional information for transfer students at

What is DirectConnect to UCF?

DirectConnect to UCF guarantees admission to UCF (consistent with university policy) with an earned Associate of Arts (AA) or articulated Associate of Science (AS) degree.

What is the difference between DirectConnect and 2+2?

DirectConnect to UCF guarantees admission to UCF (consistent with university policy) with an earned Associate of Arts (AA) or articulated Associate of Science (AS) degree from our college partner institutions, whereas the 2+2 program guarantees admission to one of Florida’s state universities, but not necessarily to the one of your choice.

What majors are available?

Who are the DirectConnect to UCF Partners?

Will I still have to apply for admission to UCF even though I completed the DirectConnect to UCF sign-up form?

Yes! Students who sign up for DirectConnect should apply for admission to UCF after earning 45 college credits. Apply now!!

Dual Enrolled Students

Are there certain SAT/ACT score requirements?

There are no minimum SAT/ACT test score requirements. Students test scores must be competitive based on the quality of the applicant pool. For example, the average SAT test score for fall 2021 was 1325 (evidence-based reading/writing + math) or 28.6 (average) for the ACT.

As a dual enrolled student who intends to earn an AA degree from one of the DC2UCF partner schools concurrently with high school graduation, when should I apply for admission to UCF?

You should follow the application deadlines for FTIC students: May 1st for fall; November 1st for spring; and March 1st for summer. If it is your intention to begin in the fall term following high school graduation, you should apply to UCF in the fall of your senior year in high school (September – November).

As a junior in high school when would you recommend I sign up for DirectConnect to UCF and when should I apply for admission to UCF?

Sign up for DirectConnect as soon as possible after you begin college level courses. You should submit a UCF Admissions application in the fall of your senior year in high school, but no later than May 1st of the year you graduate from high school.

Can I get into contact with a success coach even before signing up for DC?

The preferred method to speak with a Success Coach is to complete the DirectConnect to UCF Sign-Up Card. You will be contacted with 24-48 hours by a Connect Specialist who will schedule an appointment with your assigned Success Coach. Dual enrollment students are assigned a Success Coach with expertise in dual enrollment as it relates to DirectConnect.

Do high school extra-curricular activities matter for admission or is it only college activities that are considered?

Dual enrollment students should include high school, college and community activity information on their admissions application. Students should also include offices held in organizations and volunteer work.

Do I have to pay the FTIC enrollment deposit?

Yes, the entire amount of the deposit will be used toward your first semester tuition. The enrollment deposit is $200.

Do I need to take ACT or SAT for DirectConnect?

All FTIC students are required to submit SAT/ACT test scores to be considered for admission. If you earned your AA concurrently with high school graduation, you are considered an FTIC student. Students who have 12 or more transferrable college credits since high school graduation and have earned an AA degree, are not required to submit SAT/ACT test scores with their application.

Do we have to send our most recent transcripts when we apply to UCF in the fall, and then send our final transcripts again when we graduate?

No, you do not need to send any transcripts, but be sure to complete the Self-Provided Academic Record for Knights (SPARK) form. This form allows you to self-report your high school courses and grades. Submit a final high school transcript once you graduate and the state college partner transcript once you earn your AA. You should send both final transcripts immediately after the degree and graduation date are posted.

Do we need to have completed our AA in order to sign up for direct connect?

No you do not, as a matter of fact, you should sign up for DirectConnect as soon as you begin taking college level courses at a partner institution.

Does UCF accept Cambridge AICE test scores used as AA credits?

Yes, as long as UCF receives an official copy of the scores and an appropriate score was earned (check the catalog for required scores).

How long after you have submitted your DirectConnect electronic Sign-Up card will you be contacted by a Success Coach?

You will usually be contacted by a Connect Specialist within approximately 24-48 hours (by phone or email). The Connect Specialist will arrange an appointment with your Success Coach. The appointment will be made for a time that is convenient for you.

How soon would I know if I am offered admission

It usually takes about 10-14 business days (once your application file is complete) to receive your admission decision. A complete application would include: online application and fee, Self-Provided Academic Record for Knights (SPARK) Form, ACT/SAT test scores, official test scores for AP, IB, AICE, and CLEP (if applicable). Admission status and decisions may be viewed on the Future Knight Portal.

I am dual enrollment whose SAT test score is pending, can I still submit my application?

Yes, along with other applicable items that are required to complete your application file.

I earned an Honors AA from a partner institution who has an Honors to Honors articulation agreement with UCF. Will I be able to participate in that honors program?

No, you will not since that is an agreement only for transfer students and you would be considered FTIC. You would be eligible for Honors in the Major once you get to UCF.

I will be 8 credits short of completing an AA degree when I graduate from high school, but I am planning to complete my 60 credits in summer, am I guaranteed admission for the following fall?

No, you are not. You will have less than 12 hours completed after high school graduation.

If I am considered a First Time in College Student (FTIC), even though I earned an AA degree from one of the DirectConnect partner institutions, does the DC2UCF guarantee apply to me?

It still applies, but not necessarily for the term of your choice. If you are competitive with the UCF FTIC admission criteria, (high school GPA and SAT/ACT test scores), you may be offered admission for the term of your choice. An alternative term may be suggested when you are not competitive with FTIC criteria.

If I graduate from high school with some college credits but not my AA, can I still apply to DirectConnect?

You can apply, but you will not be able to take advantage of the DC2UCF guarantee.

Once I have been offered admission, do I have to attend orientation?

All students who are new to UCF must attend New Student Orientation. Earning the high school diploma and AA concurrently means you are an FTIC student and will have to attend the FTIC New Student Orientation.

Should 11th grade students just starting their DE journey sign up for Direct Connect now?

Yes. Connecting with your Success Coach as early as possible is critical to UCF major selection, completing the appropriate pre¬-requisites for that major, and a smooth transition to UCF.

Should I wait to apply until after I retake the SAT/ACT?

No, if you have already taken the test once, submit your admission application along with your test scores. When you retake the test, be sure to send the new scores to UCF.

Since I have my AA can I be considered for the Transfer Scholarships?

Since you are applying as an FTIC student, you cannot be considered for the Transfer Scholarships offered by admissions.

Since I will have an AA and 60 hours of college credit, what will my academic level be?

While you must apply to UCF as an FTIC, attend freshman orientation and pay the enrollment deposit, you will be considered a junior for academic and financial aid purposes.

What does dual enrollment have to do with DirectConnect to UCF®?

Students who are dual enrolled may also earn their AA and high school diploma concurrently. DirectConnect to UCF offers guaranteed admission (consistent with university policy) to UCF with an earned A.A. or articulated A.S. degree from one of our state partner colleges.

What if I am graduating high school and only have 33 dual enrollment credits at a DirectConnect partner college-should I continue and complete my AA before starting at UCF?

You should complete your AA degree in order to benefit from the DirectConnect to UCF admission guarantee (consistent with university policy).

What if you have more than 12 credits past AA?

If you earn 12 or more credits after you graduate from high school and you have earned your AA degree, you will be considered a transfer student. SAT/ACT scores are not required and you do not need to meet FTIC admission criteria.

What is a First Time in College (FTIC) student?

First Time in College (FTIC) freshmen are defined as students who have earned a standard high school diploma from a Florida public or regionally accredited high school, or its equivalent, and who have earned fewer than twelve (12) semester hours of transferable college credit since receiving a standard high school diploma or its equivalent (Board of Governors: Regulation 6.002). This includes students applying with any dual enrollment credit during high school, even those concurrently earning an AA degree and a high school diploma.

What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment is when a high school student also takes college-level courses. The college level courses are used to meet the student’s high school graduation requirements, as well as count toward the student’s college degree.

What is the DC2UCF guarantee?

DirectConnect to UCF guarantees admission (consistent with university policy) to those students who earn an AA or articulated AS degree from one of the six DirectConnect partner institutions (College of Central Florida, Daytona State College, Eastern Florida State College, Lake-Sumter State College, Seminole State College and Valencia College).

When should I sign up for DirectConnect to UCF?

Complete the DirectConnect to UCF Signup Card as soon as you begin your dual enrollment courses. You will be assigned a Success Coach who will learn your educational goals, assist in the selection of a UCF major, ensure you are on track to meet all the pre-requisites for your selected UCF major, guide you through the admissions, financial aid, orientation, immunization, and registration processes. In addition, your Success Coach will support you throughout your time at UCF.

Note: signing up for DirectConnect to UCF is different from submitting an application for admission to UCF. Your Success Coach will work with you to determine the appropriate time to submit your undergraduate admissions application.

Why would I be considered a FTIC if I have earned my AA degree?

In most cases, those who graduate from high school and earn the AA concurrently, have earned fewer the 12 semester hours of transferrable college credit since receiving a standard high school diploma or its equivalent.

Will I be considered for any scholarships?

All FTIC students are considered for the FTIC admissions scholarship when they submit their application. No other application is necessary to be considered for the scholarship.


Can I take other courses at UCF besides the 1-credit SMART Start course?

No. The only UCF course you will take during the spring semester is the SMART Start course. You are required to maintain enrollment and complete courses toward your A.A. degree at Valencia at the same time as you are enrolled in SMART Start. You will be expected to earn your A.A. degree from Valencia in accordance with your future term schedule.
Upon satisfactory completion of SMART Start, you may enroll in additional courses at UCF.

Do I have to attend a UCF orientation for new students as a SMART Start student?

Yes. All new UCF students are required to complete orientation. UCF’s orientation program is different from the SMART Start program, and you will be unable to register for future terms until orientation is completed. You will receive further communication regarding orientation during the spring term.

How is the course taught and what will be covered in it?

The one-credit SMART Start course will be taught online. It builds on major and transfer readiness, which is the foundation for a successful transition to UCF. Major and transfer readiness is achieved through academic and career coaching, skills assessments, completion of pre-requisites, and the development of academic journeys for your intended major. The course will also provide resources to support your transition from Valencia to UCF and help acclimate you to a new academic environment and community.

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the one-credit course ($212.28) fee will be waived if you participate in SMART Start. You will be required to pay the standard $30 application fee to apply to UCF. You will also be required to pay a standard fee of $35 for your UCF Orientation session during your first semester and $25 plus tax for the online e-book for the course that will be required.

I am a Bright Futures recipient. Should I update my school information with the Florida Department of Education?

Students participating in the SMART Start Program should not update school information with the Florida Department of Education. The Florida Department of Education should be updated to include UCF once the student plans to only attend UCF.

Should I update the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with UCF’s information?

Students participating in the SMART Start Program should not update the FAFSA to include UCF, as students will receive their financial aid from Valencia College during their time in the program. The FAFSA should be updated to include UCF’s School Code, once the student plans to only attend UCF.

What does “major ready” mean?

  • A student is considered “major ready” when they have identified and selected an educational pathway that aligns with their personal interests, career goals, and aptitude, and is following their educational plan.
  • The “major ready” student knows the academic and program admission requirements for their intended major and has completed the Common Program Pre-requisites (CPP) for that major.
  • Upon transfer, the student is prepared to begin courses in the major at the junior level along with native FTIC students.

What does “transfer ready” mean?

  • A student is “transfer ready: when they have completed all components of major readiness to include knowledge of requirements regarding math pathways, foreign language, certifications, and testing requirements.
  • The “transfer ready” student has identified internships, study abroad, research, and other high-impact practices that enhance both their major readiness and transfer success – the specific resources and tools to support their ongoing educational success.

What technology is required for the online SMART Start course?

You will need a computer, reliable internet, webcam, and microphone.

When is the online information session and am I required to attend it?

The online information session is on December 6, 2023, at 6pm. It is required for all admitted SMART Start students. The session will provide important details about the program. If you do not attend, you will not be permitted to participate in SMART Start and your application for admission to UCF for Spring 2024 will be canceled.

When will I find out if I am admitted to the SMART Start Program?

You will be notified of your admission decision by December 6th if you apply and submit all required materials by the November 27th application completion deadline.

When will I receive the $500 financial award?

The $500 incentive will be awarded after satisfactory completion of the one-credit SMART Start course at UCF. It can be used to cover future costs at UCF, such as tuition, fees, or books. The incentive will be made available after your A.A. degree is awarded from Valencia.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact a UCF Success Coach at or 407-823-4547 with any additional questions about the SMART Start Program.

Why was I selected for the SMART Start Pilot?

As a Valencia College student who has expressed interest in the DirectConnect to UCF pathway, we know that you are making progress toward your A.A. degree and preparing to transfer to UCF. The SMART Start program can help make the transition to UCF smoother and set you up for success in your chosen degree before you actually begin taking major-related courses.

Will my financial aid be affected by participating in the SMART Start program?

As a SMART Start student, you will not be eligible for financial aid at UCF until after the requirements of the program have been satisfied. If you are receiving financial aid at Valencia College, you should continue to follow the policies and procedures of Valencia College’s Financial Aid Services.

Admitted Students

How and when do I register for classes?

Registration is by Enrollment Appointment and can only be completed once orientation and immunization holds have been resolved. Use mySchedule Builder to help you generate all possible schedule combinations based on your course selections. This allows you to evaluate which schedule of classes will work best for you and register for them. You must enroll for the term indicated on your admission letter. You will register for classes at the end of orientation or during your pre-advising appointment. Advisors will assist you with registration or put recommended courses in your shopping cart. You will finalize your registration by submitting courses in the shopping cart at the time of your registration appointment.

How do I complete the immunization requirements?

Visit: Watch the video to learn more about the immunization requirements and how to set up your Med+Proctor profile to submit your records. Verification of Immunization Compliance can take up to 3 business days. Start process early so that you will be able to register for classes during your orientation session.

How do I obtain/verify Florida residency for tuition purposes?

Once admitted, the Residency Declaration form will be added to your status page in the Future Knight Portal as a checklist item. You will also be required to upload documents, if necessary, to support your residency claim. After submitting the form and all required documents, you may check your residency status by logging into the myUCF portal. If you have already attended UCF as an undergraduate student and wish to reclassify your residency for tuition purposes, please visit the Registrar’s Office website for information on Residency Reclassification.

How do I register for Knights Email?

UCF requires all students to have a Knights email account. The Knights email account is the official way to communicate with students. For more information and to sign up visit

How do I verify that my credits from previous schools transferred to UCF?

Verify your transfer credits in the myUCF portal. The status of your transfer credits can be found in the Transfer Summary Report (TSR) in the Student Center.

myKnight Audit will show you which transfer courses meet degree requirements and outstanding courses that remain to complete your degree. Any In-Progress courses will require a final official transcript to record the appropriate grade.

What are my next steps once I am offered admission?

Access and print the You’ve Been Offered Admission! What Now? Checklist

What are my NID and my UCFID?

Your NID is your secure sign-on for many systems at UCF, including myUCF and online courses. To obtain your NID, go to myUCF, click Sign On, click “What is my NID“, then follow the instructions to obtain your NID and create a password.

Your UCF ID is the number you will use to identify yourself when you call or visit offices across campus, including Undergraduate Admissions. To obtain your UCF ID, go to myUCF, log in using your NID and password, click Student Self Service > Personal Information >UCF ID Info. This page will display your UCF ID, your NID and your UCF ID Card number, once you have been issued one.

What is transfer orientation and am I required do it?

All first-time, undergraduate degree-seeking students offered admission are required to attend transfer orientation prior to enrollment. Orientation is your chance to get acquainted with UCF’s services, meet an advisor and register for classes. All students who are new to UCF are required to attend an orientation. Visit the Orientation Website for more information on dates and costs, orientation checklist, and to register for orientation.

To register and for more information on orientation visit

Students with an Orlando campus (Main, Downtown, Rosen) Orientation have 3 required parts including:

  • Virtual Web-content about the University and your Academic College and Major
  • Virtual UCF Success Session on selected date
  • Virtual Advising and Course Enrollment on selected date
During orientation registration you will select a specific date for your virtual UCF Success Session and Virtual Advising and Course Enrollment components

The virtual Web-content about the University and your Academic College and Major is available online and can be completed at your own pace, but must be done prior to Advising and Course Enrollment selected date.

What is'Honor Your Knighthood'?

Honor Your Knighthood assists new UCF students in developing an understanding of the importance UCF places on subject matters related to Academic Integrity, Alcohol Awareness, and Sexual Assault Prevention. Through the completion of three individual online modules, UCF students will begin to demonstrate tenets associated with the UCF Creed of Integrity, Scholarship, Community, Creativity, and Excellence. UCF is committed to student safety and success both inside and outside the classroom. Therefore, all incoming UCF students are required to complete these online modules prior to the first day of class. Admitted students will see the Honor Your Knighthood modules as requirements on their myUCF “To-Do List”. It can take up to 3 weeks for the requirement to be removed after successful completion of the modules. For questions, concerns, or more information, please send an email to

What steps should I take to complete the transfer process?

If you had courses in progress when you applied or if a degree was awarded since application, send transcripts electronically or mail to the Undergraduate Admissions office in the original, sealed envelope.

Office of Undergraduate Admission
University of Central Florida
PO Box 160111
Orlando, FL 32816-0111

Where can I check to see if I have any holds?

Check for any Holds or To-Dos on your account in myUCF. Orientation and immunization holds must be resolved prior to registration.

Success Coaches

How can I make an appointment to meet with a DirectConnect to UCF Success Coach?

The best way to make an appointment with a Success Coach is to complete the DirectConnect to UCF Sign Up card ( If you complete that, we will reach out and schedule an appointment with your Success Coach. Your coach will guide you through the transition to UCF and answer any questions you may have regarding majors at UCF or the DirectConnect to UCF program.

Email us at or call (407)823-4547

How can I prepare for my success coaching appointment?

Our Success Coaches are your point of contact for support, guidance and assistance throughout your UCF journey.

How can I prepare for my success coaching appointment?

  • Be ready to talk about yourself!!
  • Bring unofficial copies of all your transcripts
  • Know your career interest and be aware of your skills and abilities
  • Understand whether you are in an AA or AS degree program

How will a DirectConnect to UCF Success Coach help me?

A Success Coach will meet with you shortly after you sign up for DirectConnect to UCF to assist you in confirming your career plans and in developing an academic plan for your success. The coach will schedule subsequent meetings at agreed upon intervals to support you throughout your journey at UCF. The Success Coach keeps you on track for state college graduation, completion on pre-requisites for your selected UCF major, and guiding you through the admissions, financial aid, orientation, and registration processes. Once you are UCF Knight, your coach will provide resources when they are needed and support you as you progress toward graduation at UCF.

Applying to UCF

How do I check my admission status?

Please visit your Future Knight Portal and log in using your email address and password. The status page will display a checklist of required documents. You can confirm receipt of documents and view your admission decision (if available).

How long does it take to get an admission decision?

About ten days to two weeks once your admission file is complete, meaning that your application, fee and all necessary documents have been received.

Note: Transcripts for all institutions attended and other relevant documents must be received before Undergraduate Admissions will review your application for admission.

I don't see an answer to my question here. Is there a more extensive list of admission questions?

Yes! Please visit the Undergraduate Admissions Application Frequently Asked Questions website for more answers.

What do I need to submit to apply for admission to UC

  • Online Undergraduate Admission application
  • Pay the admission application fee online
  • Official transcripts from each and every college or university attended
  • If applicable: Official test scores (CLEP, IB, AICE, etc.)
  • High school transcripts (if two years of a foreign language was taken)

Note: High school transcripts may be required to demonstrate completion of the foreign language admission requirement. High school transcripts are not required for transfers with an awarded A.A. degree from a Florida public community college, state college or university if initially entered fall 2014 or after.

When should I apply to UCF?

You should submit an application to UCF once you have earned 45 college credit hours at a DirectConnect to UCF partner institution. The 45 hours may include credits transferred to the DirectConnect partner from other colleges/universities. You should complete ENC 1101 and 1102 with a grade of C or better AND two math courses at the College Algebra level or higher (MAC 1105) with a grade of C or better before submitting your application.

If you are Dual Enrolled (earning your high school diploma and Associates degree concurrently), adhere to the FTIC (not transfer) application deadlines and requirements.

Other Common Questions

Is housing available for transfer students?

Yes, there are options for incoming transfer students on the Orlando main campus and at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. Visit Housing for more information.

What are the current tuition/fees at UCF?

Where can I find information about off-campus student housing?

Off Campus Housing provides a listing of off-campus housing opportunities.

Financial Aid

Is there a scholarship for DirectConnect to UCF students?

Yes. Out of a desire to assist DirectConnect to UCF students to attain post-secondary education and university degrees, the Johnson Scholarship Foundation partnered with the University of Central Florida, Eastern Florida State College, Lake-Sumter State College, Seminole State College, and Valencia College, to establish the Johnson Scholarship Foundation Scholarship. Please visit the JSF Scholarship page for more information and how to apply while you are at DirectConnect partner school.

Note: The scholarship is only available to students who intend to earn their AA or articulated AS degree from one of the state college partners listed below and transition to UCF once the AA or articulated AS degree is completed.

Where can I find more information about financial aid?